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Proudly Introducing Rent My Drive

We are a Thanet based tech start up who are looking to build a portfolio of properties that no-one else as yet had the foresight to capitalise on. We are a group of four businessmen who have come together to create a portal for Thanet residents and businesses.

Our aim is to create streams of revenue that weren’t in existence. Our desire is to build good, solid relationships in the community. Aside from getting your space listed on here, we hope that our prowess with all of these brilliant, low-cost technologies will inspire you to supercharge your business. Read on and you will see how we have built this site and how this tech is both accessible and affordable to all.

We Manage

Rent My Drive

If you have space then it makes total sense to turn it in to revenue. At £3.00 p/h your driveway has a maximum annual revenue of £26,280. How much of that can we realise? Depending on your location and listing you really could be quids in. Why not get listed and see if we can increase your income?

The reason that we started this business is through circumstances. Being a Landlord is a very competitive market. We decided to rethink how we did things and started turning our properties from a single rental unit to house-share. We saw the rent on one house go from £700 pcm to £1,600 pcm. A winning formula was discovered. We then rented the driveway to a friend who sells cars. This netted another £150.00 per month. A quick restructure and happenstance turned the rental income from £700 to £1,750 (£1,050 increase per month). Rent My Drive was born.

You Earn


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Two Systems

To build the complex platform that we required. Yet keep it easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. Mission accomplished

Profile & Listing

This area is where you create your profile and list your property. Present your listing with great detail.


Manage your availability and set your prices as you like. Two systems synchronised managing your calendar.

One Solution

We bring these cool tools together to offer you the best service. One solution managing a new stream of revenue.

Creating Local Revenue


Increase Your Income

With over 20 categories we offer you the opportunity to increase your income. How many times have you thought ‘I could really do with some extra income’? Get your property listed and turn that thought into a reality. If you have a driveway, or any of the other categories on our site then you are on to a winner. Some of our clients have seen their income grow by £100’s per month. If that sounds like a bit of you, then get involved.

How Easy Is It To List?

Once you are registered you are taken into your profile area. After that it is simply filling in a form and uploading some pictures of your listing. Then leave the rest up to us. We take care of all the marketing and advertising. You decide when you are trading by setting the schedule.

Your Own Little Goldmine

Goldmine Large

One Driveway Multiple Opportunites

Your driveway can create different clientele. Depending on your location, you can utilise it in the following ways: you can simply rent it out by the hour to people visiting the area. Or you could rent it out on a more permanent basis to say a car trader. There are many car traders out there that can’t afford the costs of having their own forecourt. They may have several cars and nowhere to place them. If you are located in a nice area then you could be right up their street.

Other people may have a caravan or camper and just not have the room at home. If you are located in a town centre then a local business owner may want to rent it out on a Monday to Friday basis so that they have guaranteed parking. On the weekends you could then rent it out by the hour to local shoppers. A lot of people with mobility problems want the opportunity to park as close to town as possible.

Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts with limited parking can secure their guests guaranteed parking, making their establishment more desirable to guests.

Join Our Team


Vendor Opportunities

By becoming a Vendor you get to manage your own portfolio of properties. Once you have got them signed up you receive a commission from every booking. You are the initial point of contact and will build a personal relationship with your clients.

Joining is very simple. Click on the image and fill in the form and we will get back to you. Once you have become our Area Vendor you receive commission from all the properties in your area, irregardless of if you introduce them or not. If you bring us other work, you get a commission from that also.

How Easy Is It To Manage?

We give you training to ensure that you can get your clients listed straight away. Already have a job? fit it in around your current commitments.

Sell Goods Online

Online Store

Your Store | Your Way

Ever wanted your own online store but don’t know where to start? We are here to get you online and earning. What does it cost? There are no upfront costs or recurring monthly fees. Put simply, if you don’t sell we don’t charge you anything. We take a 10% commission of your sales. Can’t say fairer than that. No listing fees make it very appealing to become an online merchant. You can sell your services, physical goods, downloadable products. Versatility!

Want to use videos or external links to your products? No problem. Host your video on your platform of choice, YouTube for instance. Link to your Facebook profile. Your store, your way.

How Easy Is It To Manage?

We give you training to ensure that you can get your products listed straight away. We only check that your category and product is both legal and moral. No weapons, alcohol, narcotics, or adult content.

Member Support


We’ve Got You Covered

Call | Click | Visit

Our Support Portal offers you the chance to reach out and get direct assistance from one of our team. We can even login to your area using TeamViewer an online presentation tool and you can just sit back and watch it all happen. Alternatively, there is a self-help option for WooCommerce and you can do it all by yourself. You choose the support that suits best.


T: 01843 309370

M: 07939 620984

Visit | Appointment Only

48 Fairfield Rd | Dumpton Park | Ramsgate | Kent | CT11 7BB

Get Registered

Get Noticed

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Get Earning

How much could YOU earn?

  • 1 Parking Space @ £3.00 Per Hour

    A very fair price to be able to have the convenience of parking your car in a safe environment, with a guaranteed space when you get to your destination.

  • 24 * £3.00 = £72.00

    Maximum Possible Daily Revenue. These figures are of course based on full occupancy at listed price. This is rarely going to happen. This is where strategy comes into play.

  • 365 * £72.00 = £26,280

    Maximum Possible Annual Revenue. This we class as YOUR starting point. We now have the task of seeing how much of this WE can realise. Prime Locations in Peak Times will see excellent growth.

  • How Does It Work?

    We have designed the process to be as simple as possible. The Intuitive User Interface has been designed with the utmost focus put on usability.

  • Create Your Profile

    Registering is easy. You can either register directly through our Front End or log-in with Facebook or Google+. Once your listing is approved you are good to go.

  • Get Earning

    Once your listing goes live YOU now start earning money. If you are in a prime location you can make a very nice amount of money. Imagine Folk Week, Mega Money!

Why not join and find out?


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