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Google & WordPress

When it comes to tech you will find it extremely difficult to top ours. We know, we just rent out parking spaces so what ‘s with such a bold claim?

We weild the brilliance of Google & WordPress.  When it comes to hosting there are only three considerations: Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), & Microsoft Azure. WordPress allows you to create anything imaginable.

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Google Cloud Platform

We opted for GCP as we LOVE Google. Most of the cogs that run behind the scenes are Google tools. On our website the mailer is handled by Google Mail API. The media is offloaded to Google Cloud Storage then distributed from Google’s 90 Global Data Centres. When it comes to tech, there is nothing smarter & safer than Google.

Ready For Google?

With $300 credit from Google we pretty much get our first year hosting free. When you are building a site you don’t want to be paying from the get go. Before you start paying surely you would like to see that the site actually works for you. Imagine building for 5 months at £20.00 per month to discover that GoDaddy just couldn’t handle your requirements? We did. #GCP

Introducing The Dynamic Duo
Imagination & Creation
What Is WordPress?

In a nutshell it is a Content Management System that is Open Source Software. You are only limited by your imagination and there is a massive, supercool community.

It is like sitting down at your PC and playing with Lego. The shapes and colours are endless. Take this site for instance it was brought to you not just by Rent My Drive but an international community of brilliance.

WordPress doesn’t care for your colour or status just the pursuit of perfection. It is the only sector that I have worked in where a multitude of experts will help you. Not for money, but just because they can. Open Source and WordPress GPL mean miniscule budgets can create absolute amazement.

Also it never closes. When I worked in compliance (drain, don’t ever do it!) the building would close and your day was pretty much done. What? Oh sorry, I nearly forgot to mention sat my PC half of the night not relaxing. Nope, doing endless Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Personnel Training Records, Blah…..

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Brought To You By A Global Collaboration

We have used many tools to create this business. several web pages are only the public facing aspect. To build & run a Multi Vendor Booking Platform takes millions of lines of code (no joke the amount of files is epic!).

Brilliant minds from (but not limited to):

  • USA
  • Israel
  • Romania
  • United Kingdom
Google Cloud Platform

Our Virtual Machine is 1vCPU & 3.75GB of memory. You can build some really powerful VMs with GCP. We are hosted on the exact same technology & infrastructure as Google Search & YouTube. When have you ever not been able to connect to them through their fault? Never. Latency is not even worth mentioning. Take a look at Google Cloud Platform. Industry leaders are on-board. Are you? With $300 credit from Google your first year hosting is pretty much covered.

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Every single nation on Earth contributes to the development of WordPress. Being Open Source means that budget doesn’t come into it. General Purpose License means that Themes and Plugins are released under Open Source. This means that no matter where you are in the world you don’t have to pay to play. This allows people from Third World countries or those with miniscule budgets to realize their dreams and become Web Developers with zero capital. Only requirements are a PC/Device, internet connection, imagination & determination. #fair. WordPress runs 35% of the Net. Read More. 

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WP Rentals

This is the team that brought us the Booking Solution. Based in Romania they are undoubtedly Masters of the game. During the 2 years we were building this site we tried and tested ALL Booking Themes & Plugins (quite exhausting) and nothing comes close to WP Rentals.

They also create an Amazing Real Estate Theme called WP Residence. If you are looking for either the BEST Booking or Real Estate Theme then you really need to get onboard with this team. #brilliance


This Page Builder is as famous as Elvis Presley. With over 4+ Million active installs is boast enough. Brought to us from Israel it is undoubtedly the best Page Builder for WordPress ever.

With its own community on Social Media you can learn how to do anything with E (as it is fondly known by users). Let your imagination run amok & see what YOU can create. Elementor is Free. The pro version unlocks more functionality. With many Third Party Add-ons you can build like never before.

Global Deployment


This Content Delivery Network (CDN) is how we distribute our site globally. Aside from offloading our media to Google Cloud Storage, which then distributes the media from Google’s CDN. The rest of our site. Scripts, CSS, Databases, etc are placed on Cloudflares CDN.

By doing this we shaved a couple of dollars per month off of our hosting package. If we chose to host our site in London instead of USA then it was going to cost us. Cloudflare is free and the fastest Global CDN. This means that we can still get our site distributed from London & other strategic global locations for any global visitors. Doesn’t get any better than that (like, really).

Ready to get started?

Register a domain today. With over 1200 Top Level Domains to choose from 101domain are the best choice. .chef | .museum | .store | & more. Powered by Cloudflare expect brilliance.

International Domain Registration
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