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Admin Fee = 13%
*Stripe fees are subtracted directly from the total then we take 13% of the remaining balance.
Stunning & Simple U/I

Designed with ease in mind. Our User Interface is both stunning and simple. You’ll be up and running in no time at all.

You can literally list unlimited listings. You can manage your bookings in the back end of our site. We can export your data in a .csv format which then allows you to import it in to your spreadsheets. Perfect for accountancy reasons.

We introduce you to our Googliness further down. We’ve gone Google, have you? If not, Why?

Manage Your Bookings

Our Front End allows you to quickly and easily manage your bookings. You can print off invoices, check your schedule.

Unlike other booking platforms we give you full control. Need to cancel a booking? No problem.

Do you have your own CRM and would like to simply input your bookings to manage? No problem we have got you covered. If you don’t have a CRM then we could help you create the perfect Google Admin Machine.

Get in touch for details on supercharging your admin.

Google Calendar Sync

Wheher you have one or more listings the All in One Calendar will keep you informed. Sync with Google Calendar for managing your availability.

Sell What You Like
Extra Options
front extras
Trying to think which other Parking Booking Platform gives as close to as much control of your listing as we do. nope, very primitive system., nope, primitive again That’s right, no-one else comes close to our design. See Dream Team.

Rent My Drive

  • Best Value
  • iCal Sync
  • Transparent

Your Parking Space

  • Expensive
  • No iCal Sync
  • No Transparency

Just Park

  • Expensive
  • No iCal Sync
  • No Transparency
What is iCal?

Our site uses iCal tech, which allows you to synchronise your calendar with any other site that uses iCal. So if the ‘other 2’ booking platforms adopted this technology you could have your listing on all 3 platforms and the sync means that a slot booked on one platform would tally with the other 2. This of course increases your likelihood of getting more bookings.

Just Saying....

When we ran all three sites through GT Metrix (think MOT for websites) the results clearly put us up front.

We charge far less. Give far more, and trounce the ‘other 2’. 

So whether you have a driveway, car park or business then let’s get together and create some amazement. build the dream.


You may already have your own method of admin management. We can send your data to you in the form of a spreadsheet or .csv. This allows you to import your data in to many different applications.

We choose to use Google Sheets for our CRM as it is such a powerful tool. Plus doing calculations in Microsoft Access is long. Embrace the future and Go Google!

Interactive PDF

We also have the option to send you what is like an Interactive PDF. You can click through the tabs to see the months. It will also update automatically. All you have to do is store the link.

We deliver your stats to you in several ways. Take a look at this method by clicking this link. Bookings Link. If you would like to see what Google can do for you, get in touch and we’ll give you a demo that will get you going Google quicksmart.

CRM Dashboard
Meet Brilliance

Our CRM is absolutely fantastic. It literally analyses every bit of information and provides a concise look at everything.

To adminstrate our business all we have to do is export our bookings data from our website in spreadsheet format and the rest is all taken care of with some jiggery-pokery (well formulas).

The non booking part of the CRM is fed by one Google Form and the jiggery-pokery (love that saying) does the rest. How many businesses can run all year’s admin from one table and one Google Form? Not many we reckon. Sound like something your business could do with? Get in touch to see what we can create together.

*visits by appointment only please

Keep up to date with new listings and events in your area. We do NOT share your details.

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