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Driveway 22157

Ramsgate, Dumpton Park
£ 1 per hour


Rent My Drive Ramsgate. 1 Parking space on a driveway in Ramsgate. This Vendor offers several paid services.

Located in Dumpton Park this driveway is close to king George VI Park and within walking proximity of both Ramsgate Sea Front & Broadstairs Sea Front.

Whilst here you can have your vehicle pampered. Why not take the opportunity to take advantage of a Pre-MOT Inspection? Rather than chance it, find any faults with your car so they don’t surprise you and end up on the MOT Database. This inspection will also highlight any low fluids or low tyre pressure. These can be addressed to get your car in tip-top condition.

Is your Vehicle looking a bit bedraggled? Why not get it refreshed with a good cleansing? We can give both the inside and the outside a good sprucing and get your vehicle looking lovely again. Rent My Drive Ramsgate & take advantage of our Smart Parking Solutions and Book Parking Before Embarking.
Park on my driveway in Ramsgate and pay a visit to our famous Royal Harbour and enjoy a Fish & Chip Supper on the outside balcony gazing out to see at Weatherspoons?

Not what you are looking for? Take a look at our Find a Space page to see if there is something more suitable. Rent My Drive Ramsgate and come enjoy all that we have to offer at the coast.

We will even shuttle you to where you are going and collect you when you are ready if you would like.

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£ 0.5
Per hour
Pre-MOT Inspection
£ 50
Single Fee
Exterior Wash
£ 20
Single Fee
Interior Valet
£ 20
Single Fee
Exterior & Interior
£ 35
Single Fee
Shuttle (Out)
£ 10
Single Fee
Shuttle (Collect)
£ 10
Single Fee

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Price Details
Price per hour: £ 1
Minimum no of hours: 1
Extra options:
Chargeport: £ 0.5 Per hour
Pre-MOT Inspection: £ 50 Single Fee
Exterior Wash: £ 20 Single Fee
Interior Valet: £ 20 Single Fee
Exterior & Interior: £ 35 Single Fee
Shuttle (Out): £ 10 Single Fee
Shuttle (Collect): £ 10 Single Fee
Listing Address
Address: Exact location information is provided after a booking is confirmed.
County: Kent
Zip: CT11 7BB
Country: United Kingdom
Detailed Info
Listing ID: 22157
Listing Size: 27 ft2
Accessible: Yes
WC: Yes
Good Lighting: Yes
Chargeport: No
24 Hour: Yes
Locking Points: Yes
Valet Service: Yes
Shuttle Service: Yes


Nickie Oakwood

Web Developer at Rent My Drive.

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