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Many people don’t realise just what sort of asset a parking space can be.  Wherever you are located there is often someone who you would be doing a right favour. 

What sort of space do you have and what sort of service can you provide? Our site has been crafted to allow our Vendors to be in control of their listings.

Got a garage and a dab at at mechanics? You could make a lot of money doing pre-mot inspections, vehicle repairs etc. Why not set yourself up with your own booking system. It’s free so what’s to lose?

Take a look at some of the ways that you can spin money from your parking space. Do any of these ideas reflect what you’ve got and could earn from? Read more.

Why Rent Your Space?

To put it bluntly, money of course! The reason we started this site was through neccessity. The background image is my drive where it all started.

There I was sailing smoothly along with a nice £30K contract and then BOOM! The company I was working for went skint. That was me jobless with kids, dogs, house, disaster! How to generate some income?

A chance encounter with one of my friends created a new revenue stream. He is a car trader and was stuck for somewhere to put one of his cars. It was out of Tax & MOT so could not stay on the street. The DVLA are driving around clamping cars.

He offered me £100 from the sale if he could park it on my drive. Within 6 days the car had MOT was on Facebook Marketplace and sold. £100.00 for renting out 28 square foot of concrete. Over the next 12 months I earned over £2,100 and bought the BMW & Alfa. I earn up to a couple of hundred extra per month. Not a fortune but a steady little stream nonetheless. Covers my car tax and insurance. Result.

Precision Parking

Locate parking by searching with our unrivalled Parking Solution Advanced Search facility. Or simply look on the map on our Find Space page. What makes your space the most desirable? What services can you provide?

What services can you provide to make your listing stand out? Things like being wheelchair friendly, chargeports, CCTV are very desirable options.

Do you live near a popular destination or event centre? Universities and hospitals are prime locations.

How much daily traffic passes your space?

Many vehicles are sold through being parked in the right place at the right time. Do you live next to a school or a busy roundabout? Cash in.

You could literally turn your driveway into a DIY Car Forecourt. Rapid turnaround equals profitability.

You can price your space the most competitively
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