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Introducing Rent My Drive

Rent My Drive is proud to offer assistance with everything you need to rent out your Parking Space

How can Rent My Drive help you earn a nice residual income from a Parking Space? Quite easily actually.

Based in Ramsgate Kent we are a prime coastal town in Thanet which also comprises of Margate & Broadstairs. Year upon year Thanet sees around 4.2 million visitors bring around £320 million into the local economy. supporting around 8,000 jobs which is around 20% of the local workforce.

Wherever you turn new developments are going up. Thousands of houses are being built yet the infrastructure remains the same. Meaning that parking is becoming more scarce. More houses, more vehicles equals less parking. All of a sudden your Parking Space could become a very valuable & sought after commodity.

Thanet Public Parking Stats

4.2 million visitors and circa 145,000 residents mean that lots of people are going to struggle to park in Thanet during the peak seasons. With lots to see and do in Thanet we need to increase the parking availabilty in our wonderful area. How many times have you been somewhere that is packed and spent ages trawling the car parks and side streets hoping to get parked sometime soon? I am guessing lots.

miles of highway
miles yellow lined
on-street bays
residents parking schemes with 778 spaces
surface car parks with 1,930 spaces
multi storey car parks with 800 spaces

4.2 million visitors with only 4,391 Public Parking Spaces

How many times have you looked at empty driveways and thought how easier your life would be if you could just park on there? Again I am guessing lots. I know we have and that is why we started this site. Imagine being able to simply Book Parking Before Embarking? Imagine no more….

Take Broadstairs for instance. When the weather is nice it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The town is lovely and the Seascape is blooming marvellous. To those who reside or have visited there they know it is a big hill. Parking is terrible. Simple as that. The public bays are £3.50 per hour and very limited. In fact there are only 208 public bays and none of them have charging facilities for Electric Vehicles. Also if you find walking difficult having to walk back up that hill is unbearable.

Rent My Drive’s Advanced Search Feature allows parkers to search for spaces that have EV Charging making their life so much simpler. Whilst they are out enjoying their visit they can rest assured that their car is being charged ready for their departure. Vendors and Rent My Drive offer Shuttle Services meaning you can secure your dedicated parking with multiple services available and you can be ferried to and from your final destination making your life so much simpler. Book Parking Before Embarking |

How we help you rent out your Parking Space on our site

Create an account with ease

It only takes a little while to create an account with us. It is of course free and we only charge 2% of the fee you charge.

Instant book or contact owner

Depending on your prefernce you can rent out through instant booking, or you can approve bookings, or choose to be contacted by the customer. Again, simplicity for you.

Take bookings with ease

Like other sites you can take bookings whilst you sleep meaning you can earn money whilst snuggled in bed. Lovely.

Why choose OUR platform
to host your Parking Space?

Find our why we offer you the most professional options

Register for free with ease

Add your listing on our platform and publish it without paying any fee to us.

Open 24/7

Web businesses are open 24/7 so you can take bookings whilst you sleep. Ahhh.

Rent by hour or day

You can choose whether by the hour or by the day. Your location will determine this.

Our build quality is absolute Google greatness

Built utilising the greatness of Google technology which we all know is top notch.

The most affordable parking platform on the web.

We only charge 2% which is the most affordable out of the companies who offer the same.

With lots of options for Parkers to choose from

Parkers can search for options like EV, Wheelchair friendly amongst other options.

You can even add your own custom options with prices. Who else offers that?

Read About Peoples' Experiences
On Using Rent My Drive's Website

John Windsmore
happy parker
I regularly use Rent My Drive to park when visiting my Mum. She lives on a busy road with limited parking and I utilise her neighbour's driveway to park my Merc.
Jay Simon
happy vendor
Rent My Drive has increased our booking requests 10 times more than our older website. Thank you for the amazing work Rent My Drive
Elisabeth True
happy parker
With more and more houses being built in Thanet that means more cars on the road yet the parking spaces are limited. Rent My Drive makes it real simple to park.
Tania Smith
happy vendor
With Rent My Drive I can run my cottage business without worries. Customers can browse our listing easily and bookings are coming every day. Excellent website!
Robert Ipswich
happy parker
How many times have you struggled to find a parking space and wondered how easy it would be if you could park on someone's driveway? Wonder no more.
Gina Roscoe
happy vendor
I never thought about renting out my parking space until my neighbour showed me Rent My Drive. I now earn enough to pay some of my monthly bills. Awesome!

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If you would like help getting your listing set up & published we would be happy to guide you through it and provide any training that you may require to get you comfortable with our service.

Many websites just expect you to go figure it out or provide videos that just add to the confusion. We appreciate that not everyone is a techie nerd and are happy to help you gain a perfect understanding so you can maximise your potential and profitability from our site.

We even have iCal feature built in meaning that your calendar can be synced to other sites if they offer that facility meaning no micro managing required!

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